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A Living Church

We strongly believe in serving the body of believers in every way we can.

What kind of ministries do we offer at Mountainview?

Here at Mountainview, we are blessed to have a phenomenal church family that works together to do great things for God and others! 

  • Fearless Faith - Our youth ministry for ages 13 to 18 encourages teens to not only deepen their relationship with Jesus, but form meaningful bonds with one another.

  • Children's Ministry - Not only do we have a super cool and fun Sunday School, but there is also week day Children's Church for little ones ages 5 to 12.

  • Zoom Bible Studies - We know how on-the-go life can be, so we've created a Discipleship study that happens conveniently on Zoom every Monday night. You can patch in from your sofa and enrich your walk.

  • Music Ministry - Bringing glory to God for all of His blessings is an integral part of our service! We value diversity in song choice - from hymns to contemporary. Our praise team prayerfully gathers with the purpose of directing all attention to Him.

  • Family Ministries - Throughout the year, we host various types of events to bring families from all walks of life together. From seasonal festivals, to fellowship nights, to youth and children's activities, we provide wholesome activities that the whole family can enjoy.

  • Hospitality - Every Sunday following the service we come together to enjoy coffee and treats in the fellowship hall because of the kindness of members who volunteer to bring goodies to share.

  • Birthday/Anniversary Calendar - One of our members maintains a calendar of birthdays and wedding anniversaries so we can recognize the important milestones in your life - because YOU are important to us!

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